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Twinkle Stars™

Twinkle Babies Dance - Ages 2-3

The Twinkle Stars™ Dance Classes (Ages 2-3) are an introduction into organized dance programs. The classes cover ballet, tap, and creative movements that young students can get comfortable with and movements for which they can take direction. The young dancers in these classes will learn the basic steps, while learning to follow instructions in a safe, positive environment. We also use upbeat music to get these little ones to dance! We also use props, such as hula hoops and Twinkle Bears, to inspire our tiny toe tappers’ imagination, creativity, and sense of fun!

Twinkle Stars™ Dance - Ages 3-4, 4-5 & 5-6

This age-specific, 45-minute class offers ballet, tap, and Jazz/Creative Movement in order to introduce young dancers to the various forms of the art. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology to build on their existing knowledge and prepare for the future for all 3 styles. We incorporate appropriate music to stimulate and engage our students, and also use props for even more fun!


Our ballet programs provide our dancers with a solid base from which they can grow in both overall ability and informed technical movements. We focus on the ways that ballet shapes the body, and try to promote the discipline it takes for our dancers to truly learn the art form – all while enjoying themselves, of course. Our ballet classes are focused and designed to build strength throughout the body. Back, shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles, hips, legs – ballet is the foundation of almost every form of dance, and therefore one of the main focal points of our efforts. Those who study and train hard always see enhanced poise, coordination, and success over the course of their studies, and we give them the guidance they need.

Beginner Ballet- Ages 6-9

The Beginner Ballet Program builds general awareness of movement, form, and the essential nature of the body’s specific musculature for dance. It encourages individual artistry, and explores body, space, force, and timing in a more relative and general way. It is more movement focused than story focused, and prepares students for higher levels of dance.

Ballet Level 1- Ages 10 & Up

This ballet course builds on the beginner level and focuses more on postural alignment, principles of turn-out, balance, control, and elementary barre exercises. Additional course work develops consistent and enhanced barre work, carriage of the arms, and positions of the body.

Class Information: All Ballet students are required to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink Ballet slippers. Male Ballet students are required to wear a white tee or tank, black dance pants or tights, and black Ballet slippers. Split-sole slippers are highly-recommended. Hair should be in a bun. No jewelry. No gum.


Jazz combines many techniques and styles from around the world of dance. From ethnic and contemporary movements to the classic movements of ballet, Jazz builds upon the rhythms and directions of various movement arts. Here at the Sister Act Dance Academy, we first exercise and tone muscles to conform to the needs of the Jazz style. We use Jazz, soul, R&B, and pop music in our classes to provide a great workout for our students! As students progress in our Jazz class, they learn breathing techniques, basic stretches, isolations, and walks. They will then start to develop smoothness in their movements and be able to transition to difficult skills with ease such as pirouette turns, leaps, jumps and floor work.

Class Information: All Jazz students are required to wear dance attire (i.e. leotard, tights, dance pants) and black Jazz shoes.  Slip-on Jazz shoes (no laces) are required for all jazz classes. Hair should be pulled back off of the face (i.e. ponytail). No jewelry. No gum.


Both children and adults enjoy the exciting, rhythmic exercises of tap dancing. While fun, it also provides a wide variety of styles and techniques that can be quickly learned and memorized in a few short lessons. Tap classes here at The Sister Act Dance Academy focus on building dancers’ abilities to form the basic movements of tap and the combinations that follow. Tap classes are an amazing celebration of rhythm, timing, and coordination, and we offer the learning of these skills in a safe, energetic environment.

Class Information: Students ages 7 and up are required to wear dance attire (i.e. leotard, tights, dance pants) and Tap shoes. Hair should be pulled back off of the face (i.e. ponytail). No jewelry. No gum.

Twinkle Stars

Hip Hop celebrates the energy of modern society through the current trends in dance. Like the movements of music videos or television shows, Hip Hop offers its own techniques and unique style. There is terminology to be learned, as well as proper body placement, floor work, and other intricate movements that can accentuate expression of the dancer. Hip Hop also helps to build strength and can be used in modern settings.

Class Information: Hip Hop is offered for ages 6-9 year olds / 9-12 year olds / 13 year olds & up. All Hip Hop students are required to wear comfortable exercise attire and sneakers that are reserved for classroom use only. Hair should be pulled back off of the face (i.e. ponytail). No jewelry. No gum.

Summer Recital

In our Tumbling class, students will learn the basic skills of the art form while building their strength, flexibility, and confidence – the main building blocks for continued success in dance. Through our dedicated instructors, our students will learn moves such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and other body positions.

Class Information: Students should wear a leotard, no shoes. Hair pulled back and secured.  No jewelry or gum.